Kite boarding

Kiteboarding, also known as kitesurfing, is the practise of riding a small surfboard or kiteboard while being pulled by a large power kite. The rider adjusts the kite's angle and line tension to decide how much power it generates.
The kite is attached to the user via a harness and lines.Kiteboarding is appropriate for a variety of water conditions, including flat water, waves, and choppy water. It necessitates a combination of skill, strength, and balance, as well as awareness of the wind and weather. Kiteboarding can be done both recreationally and competitively.
Kiteboarding is split into several sub-disciplines, including freestyle, wave riding, racing, and foiling.Freestyle includes tricks and leaps, while wave surfing includes riding waves.

State/ UT Locations
Goa Caranzalem, Morjim, Arambol
Puducherry Paradise Beach, Karaikal Beach
West Bengal Mandormani