Wind Surfing

Windsurfing, also known as sailboarding, is a water sport that includes riding a board with a sail attached to a mast that resembles a surfboard.
The rider uses the sail to catch the wind and propel the board forward while steering and manipulating it with their body weight.Windsurfing is feasible in a variety of water environments, including calm lakes, vast oceans, and windy bays.It necessitates a combination of ability, strength, and balance, in addition to understanding of the wind and weather.
Windsurfing can be done both recreationally and competitively.Slalom racing, freestyle, wave jumping, and speed sailing are all subdisciplines of windsurfing.In slalom races, you must complete the course as fast as possible.

State/ UT Locations
Goa Dona Paula
Karnataka Karwar
Kerala Trivandrum
Lakshadweep Kavarati, Kadmat, Mini Coy, Bangaram
Odisha Cuttack
Puducherry Paradise Beach, Karaikal Beach