Zip Wire

Participants in a zip wire, also known as a zip line, slide down a hanging rope while attached to a pulley system. It is a popular adventure activity that is frequently seen at outdoor recreation areas, adventure camps, and other locations.

A zip wire is a long cable that connects two points, usually on a hill or across a canyon. Riders typically begin at a higher height, and a harness and pulley system secures them to the rope. Gravity and the momentum generated by the first shove propel them as they slide down the cable to the other end.

State/ UT Locations
Arunachal Pradesh Balupong
Assam Guwahati
Gujarat Sabarmati
Himachal Pradesh Naggar Kullu
Karnataka Dandeli
Kerala Wayanad, Munnar
Madhya Pradesh Flyingfox - Bhopal Twin Zip
Maharashtra Devgad, Lonavala, Kolad
Meghalaya Mawkdok
Punjab Nurpur Bedi village
Rajasthan Jodhpur, Neemrana
Tamil Nadu Ooty, Kodaikanal
Telangana Hyderabad
Uttarakhand Shiv Puri, Rishikesh, Buranskhanda, Mussoorie